MO - Three men killed in gang-related shooting, St Louis, 8 May 2009

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    St. Louis police are investigating a triple homicide that happened overnight. The shooting started around 2:30 Friday morning.

    Police say the victims are three black men in their late 20s to early 30s. They were headed home from a downtown nightclub, driving a red SUV.

    They stopped at a stoplight near the main post office at 18th and Market when another vehicle pulled alongside them. At least two gunmen opened fire.

    All three people in the SUV were pronounced dead at the scene. The killers' vehicle took off and right now, police aren't releasing any information about the suspects or what they may have been driving.

    They do believe the victims were specifically targeted in this shooting.

    Police don't know how many times each victim was shot and they're waiting to release the victims' identities.
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