MO MO- Willis Rex Davidson, 52, Ozark/Douglas County, 31 October 2018

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    Ozark County Sheriff Darrin Reed is asking for help from the public in locating a Douglas County man, 52-year-old Willis Rex Davidson.

    In a Facebook post, Sheriff Reed says his department has been involved in the investigation to locate Davidson, who is a former Ozark County resident.

    Davidson's mother reported her son missing on Nov. 8th last year. He has been missing since Oct. 31st.

    Reed says foul play is suspected in Davidson's disappearance, and several people have been interviewed in the past two weeks.

    Anyone with information regarding Davidson's disappearance is asked to call the Ozark County Sheriff's Office at 417-679-4633.

    Ozark County Sheriff asking for help in locating man missing since October
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    I wonder if this is the same guy. Name and location seem to fit, but I can't find anything on the charge he was being held for.

    FindLaw's Missouri Court of Appeals case and opinions.

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