MOD MESSAGE - Defense is up ***REQUIRED READ***

Discussion in 'Media Links/General Discussion/Rules and Stickies' started by beach, Jun 14, 2011.

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    Websleuthers are dedicated, devoted and very emotionally invested in this case and the trial. Admirable and understandable. That is why we are all here holding vigil every single day.

    As most all of you know, mods have been posting reminders and warnings about namecalling and bashing, but it was usually directed toward certain players and/or the defense team.

    One thing that we have never been too concerned about is the members here attacking other posters for their differing opinions. That is one area that Caylee posters have almost always acted respectfully and responsibly - we've understood that our opinions may differ and we respect the rights of our fellow posters to think differently than we may believe. It is the very foundation of this forum and one of the components that makes it so great to post here. The mods here want to do everything we can to make sure each member feels safe voicing their opinion.

    Obviously, emotion has recently taken over and got the best of some.

    So, let me make it very clear -
    You are welcome to disagree and address a post with a differing opinion than your own in a respectful tone and using words that do not put another person down for their beliefs. However, that is IT.

    NO ONE is allowed to personally attack or belittle another poster. Zero tolerance. It will not be tolerated and Time Outs will be issued swiftly for any infractions.

    Short & sweet: Address the Post; Do NOT attack the Poster.

    The Defense is about to present their case-in-chief. Do I really need to say more? Really??? Emotions are going to run high and keep in mind - every poster is responsible for their own words. You guys do not want to post impulsively and get a time out this late in the game. We are too close to the end to blow it now.

    I could ramble on and on and link the TOS, Rules Forum, Rules of Etiquette, Dealing with your Fellow Posters 'til the cows come home. They are visible from the Websleuths homepage and I strongly encourage everyone to review them again. Especially now. Instead, I am going to borrow one of Tricia's lines because it makes things so simple: "Just don't be a jerk and everything will be fine." :)

    Please "thank" this post so we know you have read and reviewed it.
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    I'm adding a bit to 'Beach's message above. It is evident from today's postings that some of the mod warnings are not getting across. Tomorrow is going to be very hectic and emotions are going to run high, mine included. So to start, I'm going to quote Gram and add a few notes:

    ~respectfully snipped and green added by me~
    Other terms that are NOT ALLOWED:

    Uncle Cheney - his name is Cheney Mason, Chaney, Mason or CM
    Old Geezer - see above
    duhfense, duhfendant, etc. - proper terms are defense, defendant, etc.
    No cuss words are allowed.
    Lady Gaga - it is recognized that tweeters are using this term, but we are not using it here.

    This list may grow as we see repeated infractions of the rules, so read it often or whenever you are in doubt.

    If you have any questions, contact a mod and ask before posting, please. Almost every mod at WS is following this case to some extent, so you have a wide choice of who to contact.

    Thanks from the WS Mods!


    Rethank before posting on Saturday, June 18, 2011 (sorry but all the thanks disappear when the post is edited).
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