"Modest Needs" Charity Receives Record Donations!

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    Modest Needs aggregates small donations from thousands of donors, who can direct their contributions to help fund specific individual requests. One hundred percent of individual donations go to fund these grants, which cover needs such as auto repairs, rent, dental work or utility bills.

    On a very good day, Modest Needs will receive $5,000 in individual donations, Taylor said. A $15,000 day would be "absolutely unbelievable," he said. Prior to Tuesday, the most it brought in on a single day was $32,800, after Hurricane Katrina.

    In the 24 hours after this story appeared on CNN.com, Taylor said, individual donors ponied up more than $116,000 to help people through Modest Needs. A matching grant from the Zegar Family Foundation doubles the take to $232,000.

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