Mom of admitted bully wants principal fired

Discussion in 'Bullies and Stalkers' started by angelmom, Apr 20, 2010.

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    What do you think of this story?

    This kid admits he's been a bully in the past, says he is now being picked on and knows how it feels, and thinks bullying is a bad thing.

    Sounds like the punishment worked!

    But mom wants the teachers disciplined and the principal FIRED.

    She doesn't mention any punishment for her precious little angel.

    Also, the super says he rescinded the punishment b/c a child can't be suspended without a hearing. BUT he wasn't suspended from school, just RECESS! Our school does that all the time without any kind of hearing. If they had to hold a hearing every time a kid had to stay in from recess they'd never get anything done!!!
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    In a glaring bright light we can see the problem.

    Bullying begins at home.

    Usually a bully is a kid who is being abused, yelled at, harassed at home. The bully is angry but, for whatever reason, cannot express any thing at home. So, they take out their rage in the school yard.

    This proves the reason this kid is a bully. It's because mom will not take responsibility for her child. It is someone else's fault. Not hers, not her child's.
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    The mom can't be serious.

    I just can't understand the thought process of some people.

    Sounds like it's time for some good ol' fashion waterboarding. :croc:
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    seems like son learned from her own way she's trying to bully the principal by wanting to get him fired.

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