More than 400K rape kits waiting to be tested

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by Dr. Know?, Dec 19, 2013.

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    More than 400,000 rape kits waiting to be tested

    Threads to merge?

    MI - 10,000 untested rape kits found - Detroit 06-05-2013

    Illinois NOT processing rape kits??? - 03-01-2010

    Thousands of rape evidence kits never tested: fix it, LE! - 11-18-2009

    Many are past the statutory period and not able to prosecute but.... This group wants to have them all tested. (not endorsing any, but feel everyone needs an answer plus the potential DNA links to other crimes) DNA is perfected about now.... Let's see some funding! Stop the crime by solving the problem, fgs...

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    Is it not a priority so funding is not available for staff?

    Could analysis of that many rape tests provide insight into how rapists evolve?
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    This is just infuriating, there are probably serial rapists out there recommitting crimes, knowing that they haven't been caught and won't be. Eventually the rapist may escalate to killing and that could have been prevented if he had been caught the first time and arrested and put away and given a criminal record that identifies him as a rapist.

    I saw this case on TV ( I forget what show) and was just floored. Dang, FIND the money and top spending it on the ridiculous "war on drugs" that is putting pot smokers away for years. I wish a group would start a campaign to fund (like Kickstart or go fund me, in association with a group that helps victims of sex crimes) the testing of these kits (for this city and anywhere that rape kits are going unprocessed) so that we can get these criminals off the streets and prevent future victims.
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    It's already so hard for a woman to come forward and have the kit done, and to find out they are just sitting there collecting dust is unacceptable. A CRIME was committed, and they are just letting evidence hang around wasting space doing nothing. Unbelievable.
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    Just yesterday this was in the paper:

    Snipped by me:
    Three years ago, after learning that numerous police departments were failing to take a basic first investigative step and analyze DNA evidence from reported sex crimes, Illinois became the first state to mandate testing, even in older cases in which rape kits had sat untested for years.


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