Motive for Murder

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    IF it can be determined WHAT the motive is or was for 'a' murder, then you can find the killer. Easy, well er not in this case.

    Too much to drink by a family member?

    Stressed out to the max, lost it with a child who was giving you more stress.

    Child being sexually fiddled with causing pain, two trips to the school nurse in the two weeks prior to party of the 23rd.

    911 Call from the party on the 23rd.

    Burglar alarm not activated on THAT murder night.

    Yard light not on, on the murder night.

    Parents not reading the ransom note, to learn the entire story of the why their daughter was GONE.

    Items used in the staging/prepping, that only PR knew their locations in order to find them.

    Neighbor seeing darkness of the home around midnight, with only a flashing light flittering in the kitchen area.

    Calling friends over when note said not to call anyone, NOT EVEN THE PD.

    Suing everyone who even intimidated that the young son might be involved.

    Getting legal representation for family in Georgia ASAP.

    NOT publically wondering WHO was impersonating the older son in Michigan.

    Neighbor seeing someone that he was certain was the older son approaching the home on Christmas day.

    Ramseys not even wondering OR knowing WHO it was that came to their front door that same Christmas day. Only that it was NOT their son.

    Would a religious family forgive a son given to drink, IF IF the unthinkable happened?

    WHY would you let relative stranger answer your door to Boulder Police Department AFTER the 911 call on the 23rd? OR WHY should you let them answer the door?

    What really happened behind closed doors, on Christmas day?

    10 years later we continue to ask the same old questions.

    Lizzie Borden
    Lindbergh baby
    Jon Benet

    God bless all of the innocent children who have suffered, died and been buried.

    Was it drugs?
    Was it alcohol?
    Was it jealousy?
    Was it a money issue?
    Was it too much stress?
    Was it just plain old perversion?

    Note the Dateline Television series, with undercover cops luring perverts online, to meet with what they think are very young underage girls. Men come in all types of clothing, and from all types of backgrounds. Men not willing to meet, greet and develop honest and loving relationships with women their own age.

    If many of the wicked muslims are willing to kill and blow themselves up and others with them, to spend eternity with 15 virgins, are we much better? These men caught on a television camera and sent to jail, do not want to die, nor do they wish to be CAUGHT either.


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    Religious leaders, cult leaders, like Jim Jones, are pretty famous for sexual "fiddlin with" members, whether they're adults or children. One I believe is awaiting trial right now, Warren Jeffs. On LKL they said these men think this is religion, don't know there's anything else.

    I dunno. And I wish we could add one more item to the list above, the late afternoon walker to the house, observed by the Barnhills across the street.

    Even if a parent had been molesting JonBenet, there could have been others also, though I can't imagine why, and the walker may have been sent to turn off the outside light, before dark so nobody would immediately notice.

    Can we disregard 3 witnesses, like Judith Philips who said JBR and PR both seemed changed when they came back from Houston, and the tabloid story about someone claiming to be JAR in Waterford, Mi., and an internet poster called "B" who lives in Charlevoix, said there was a loiterer there from out of town badmouthing JR, They're like leftover pieces after a watch repair. It's simply not going to work if put back together as simply as possible in a straight line. Every one of the pieces has to fit.

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