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Mr Joe Bell

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by noZme, Jan 10, 2015.

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    A death notice may seem out of place in the News That Makes You Smile, but view the video & you'll understand.

    A San Jose World War II veteran who gained some unexpected fame last year has died. Joe Bell, 95, who in March was caught on video, cheering on the 408k Race to the Row, which benefits the Pat Tillman Foundation, from his front yard. He was in his Army uniform, to show his respect for Tillman, who was killed in Afghanistan.

    One by one, runners started veering off the street to shake Bell’s hand.

    if someone can post the video here, I'm sure it would be helpful to some readers.... thanks


  2. teedie2

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    What a wonderful video! Nothing refreshes better than a few happy tears, and this video will do it for you!

    Rest in peace, dear warrior.

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