Mr Stubbs the alligator given new tail after losing his in a fight

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    I liked this story because the alligator has been given a second chance and was not put to sleep. He looks a lot happier now but is still scary.

    An alligator has become the first in the world to be given a prosthetic tail.
    The nine-year-old reptile, called Mr Stubbs, was left unable to swim after having his rear end bitten off in a fight.
    The youngster struggled to keep upright in deep water and he faced a life on land.

    But he's been given a new lease of life after being rescued by reptile experts at the Herpetological Society in Phoenix, Arizona.
    The team had a new high-tech tail made out of latex and silicon at a cost of thousands of dollars.
    And they're now teaching Mr Stubbs how to swim again.

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    Good for Mr Stubbs, but I wouldn't want to be the person who teaches him how to swim as his mouth still works fine...

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