Missing pregnant Shannon Watts and her two daughter's bodies found, husband arrested
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MS MS - Chen Rong & Mei Gong Li, both 40, & Mei Jing Li, 53, D'Iberville, 5 Oct 2011

Discussion in 'Cold Cases' started by KaylynnCouture, Oct 8, 2011.

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    D'Iberville police are investigating a triple murder in that city. It happened Wednesday afternoon at a home on Seymour Drive, just a block from the police station.

    Within minutes of arriving at the home, police had cordoned off the crime scene. Inside the single story wood frame home, on the quiet residential street, they searched for clues. Outside, the SUV believed to be that of one of the murder victims, sat in the driveway.

    Police spent the afternoon searching the crime scene and talking to neighbors. Police will not say what caused the death, or if they have any suspects. Police would only say the victims are two Asian females and one Asian male.

    Although police would not confirm this, several people told us the family owns the Chinese Happiness Restaurant on D'Iberville's Central Avenue. Neighbors describe the family as hard working, nice people, who mostly kept to themselves.

    A neighbor, who did not want to go on camera, told us she the saw the youngest daughter, only about six-years-old, standing outside the home with her father that morning, waiting on the school bus.

    It was that little girl who came home and found her family members dead. She ran to a nearby business, and they called 911. Now, she and her three siblings no longer have their parents.

    Snipped: http://www.wlox.com/story/15626442/neighbors-child-discovered-bodies-in-diberville-home
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    So sad for this little girl :( I hope she and her siblings stay safe and it wasn't some kind of gangland style vendetta!
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    From March 2015:


    Slightly different names here, not sure which are correct:


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    5 years later, D'Iberville triple-murder remains unsolved



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