MS MS - Lyrian Wyvonne Barry-Stallings, 23, Columbus, July 1, 1960

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    NamUs #MP57576

    Missing Age: 23 Years
    Current Age: 81 - 82 Years
    First Name: Lyrian
    Middle Name: Wyvonne
    Last Name: Barry-Stallings
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5' 0" (60 Inches)
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Race / Ethnicity: Black / African American

    Date of Last Contact: July 1, 1960
    NamUs Case Created: May 23, 2019
    Last Known Location Map
    Location: Columbus, Mississippi 39702
    County: Lowndes County

    Circumstances of Disappearance: Boarded a Greyhound bus headed to St. Louis in the summer of 1960 and vanished.

    Physical Description
    Hair Color: Black
    Left Eye Color: Brown
    Right Eye Color: Brown

    It seems that she has been reported missing for many years, as per this article written in 2013, but has only recently been put into NamUs.

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