MS MS - Olive Branch, WhtFem 20-40, UP8675, smoker, nail biter, tatts, surgical scar, Jan'85

Thanks for the reconstruction, CarlK!

Here is Jane Doe's Find A Grave Memorial page: I am glad to see flowers on her resting place. Somehow it makes me feel better to know that she has not been without visitors.

The page does not add much new information besides an uncited tidbit on the murder weapon ("An autopsy has disclosed the woman was strangled with a narrow object."), but I wanted to add it to the list of links related to her here.

There is a really creepy comment left with a flower, click on click here to view all notes, 4th one down

Thank You for the dance Kay D., 30 years now, it's time to go home..Godspeed
- 7th Angel
Added: Oct. 26, 2015
Ok, now I'm REALLY interested in getting the Docherty lead checked out.
The cryptic message makes sense to me. It does seem a bit creepy but I see no sinister motivations for its being posted.
Ok, now I'm REALLY interested in getting the Docherty lead checked out.
I really don't think it's her. In this article from 2013, it states that they concluded that both girls were killed within days of their disappearance, based on their investigation:
I also don't think the JD's hair and teeth match Kay's, either. Kay had rather coarse curly hair that the JD doesn't appear to have.
Your article is from Australia; however, to this date, no bodies have ever been found. And yet, Kay and Toni are still listed as Missing Persons on the Australian Federal Police Website. It was necessary for the Australian authorities to conclude their "probability" of them being killed within days of their disappearance so an official declaration of death could be registered, this is also common practice in America, but yet, to this day, they are still listed as "Missing". Now there was a 6 year time span between 1979 and 1985, and I can guarantee you that if this Jane Doe is Kay Docherty, the life she had been living for those 6 years took a large toll on her mental and physical state. As for her hair, it is identical in color, patching, and in texture, and I would wager a guess that the medical examiners did brush it back so a pic could be taken of her face in an attempt to get a pic circulating for purposed of Identification. Medical reports stated she was a nail biter (nervous), smoker (to calm her nerves) and her overall dental status was not in the best of shape. But I think she knew that Toni was deceased, and who knows, may have witnessed it. But one of the most haunting aspects about this Jane Doe is a tattoo she had on her ankle, though the examiners had some trouble in making out some of the letters, they said it looked to them like the letters THC was tattooed on her ankle. What if the H was an M, I have seen tattoos of M's that is connected at the center, not at the top, could have looked like an H. Then we would have the TMC, or Toni Marie Cavanagh, pluse two other bodies located in Harrison County and in Wiggins also bore a strong resemblance to other missing Australian women, one being Toni Cavanagh. The probable reason the bodies were never located in Australia, is that they are most probably here, in Mississippi.
As for her hair, it is identical in color, patching, and in texture
I have to strongly disagree with you about the hair, except for the color. That is the only similarity.
I have no idea what you mean by patching, but no way is the texture the same. Kay has wiry, kinky, curly, coarse hair LIKE MINE. Look again. No offense to Kay, but it's a Brillo pad - like mine. I've lived with it for 49 years now. I know how it misbehaves. I know what the weather does to it. I know what being out in the elements will do to it-think poodle or little orphan Annie. I know what hair like mine looks like in a picture, and that "ain't" it on this Jane Doe. Jane Doe's hair is softer, smoother, non Brillo and relatively straight. There isn't a straight piece on Kay's head.
Unless someone has the thick naturally spirally, curly, frizzy, and wiry hair and not the thin soft curl, they have no idea what it's about. Sorry to come on so strongly, but if that were Kay, no amount of "brushing it back" by the examiners would make it look that smooth. As a matter of fact, she'd look like Bozo the clown and it would be sticking out all over the place in fuzz patches if they tried to do that. No offense, but when it comes to hair like mine, I know what I'm talking about because I've been fighting with it my whole life. There was no chemical, straightening iron or product that was around in the 70s and 80s that could erase the kink. That's why Kay's hair looks matted down and why her bangs are the way they are in that news article. What few products there were made my hair look unnatural-it didn't flow but moved in sections when I moved my head. It would look like broom straw. Plus, it wouldn't last in the slightest amount of humidity or dampness. The Jane Doe doesn't have broom straw for hair. Here is a picture of what my hair looks like brushed out. Yep, this is me after brushing out my crowning glory 22 years ago.


  • Alleykins with brushed out hair.jpg
    Alleykins with brushed out hair.jpg
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Kay Docherty 1.jpg

Patches of darker hair over lighter hair, Jane Doe 1985 also reflects the same. Color of hair is the same, and so is the texture.
If there are any beauticians, hair care professionals or others with hair like mine want to chime in about whether or not they have the same texture, please feel free.
Kay D. JD


  • KD and OBJD comparison.jpg
    KD and OBJD comparison.jpg
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If you zoom in on their teeth (Kay Docherty and OBJD), you can see they are very much different.

Especially the #7 teeth. Kay's #7 is either extremely crowded back (or is a baby tooth). OBJD's #7 is close to normal alignment.

And on the #11 teeth, OBJD's #11 is large and pointy and leans outward, Kay's #11 leans inward, and is somewhat small.

Kay Docherty and Olive Branch JD Teeth Comparison.jpg
If there are any beauticians, hair care professionals or others with hair like mine want to chime in about whether or not they have the same texture, please feel free.
Kay D. JD

I'm not a beautician, nor do I have hair like yours, but I can clearly see that their hair texture is different. As for the cryptic, odd comment on Find A Grave, I think that's just a troll. Unfortunately, that kind of stuff happens.
I don't know if Cindy Haumann has been suggested, so I sent it off to her NamUs rep anyway. Someone had suggested her for AGJD, but I thought she looked more like this UP. They have ankle tattoos and similar height and weight.


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It is odd that since DNA has been taken of the Olive Branch Jane Doe, there has yet to be any revelation to the general public at to whether it matched that of Kay Docherty. Therefore I do suspect an investigation is going on, and if I am correct, such would not be done unless a match has been made. If this is Kay, and I believe it is, her being Australian would surly invite the presence of the FBI, and of course the general public would not be informed, pending the outcome of such an investigation. As for the texture of her hair, I contend it is the same given the later picture of Kay, which no one seems to want to post but me. Not withstanding the fact that the Harrison County Jane Doe, in a facial reconstruction just happens to strongly reflect that of Toni Cavanagh, thus lending stronger potential to the high probability that the Olive Branch Jane Doe is indeed her friend Kay Docherty. I suspect something is going on, the silence is deafening..
Two pics, and yes the hair texture does match, but what is most perplexing is your insistence that it just can't be Kay, oh, its the hair. Even more telling is a reconstruction of a skull, which strongly resembles Toni Cavanagh, recovered on the coast. What would be the chances of that! Considering that Kay disappeared along with Toni in 1979, and the recovery of the Olive Branch Jane Doe took place in 1985, there would have been about a 6 year window after leaving Australia that Kay was recovered in north Mississippi. That time interval could have seen many changes in her life, including a lifestyle that could have well taken a toll on her. But to this day, even after DNA has been taken, why is authorities withholding public information? Could there be an investigation going on? And if so, that means they know who she is. But here below is another comparison of the Olive Branch Jane Doe & Kay Docherty.

Kay Docherty 1.jpg.pngKay Docherty 2.jpg
Just called in Brenda Cecilia Crowley. I dunno if its her or not. The JD and Brenda looked too much alike to let it go.

This is her when she was young

Another thing that puts it in the favor of Brenda is the eye color. The JD had two different eye colors listed due to conflicting reports. Brenda's eyes are very much like that; her eyes are green but can appear hazel or brown.
I'm positive Jane Doe is Sherry Lynn Yates, missing since March 12, 1981 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both have a similar hair color. JD had Brown or Gray eyes, Sherry did have Brown eyes.


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