MS MS - Susan Collier, 18, Plantersville, 9 August 1996


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Apr 8, 2013
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Collier, of Mooreville, left her home Aug. 9, 1996 to meet some friends. She was to meet her boyfriend, Shane Johns, later that night... A witness was the last to see her at the A&T&T Quick Stop across from the Plantersville Trailer Park...

After the disappearance there were reports of a black man driving Susan’s car. “We had a witness who saw Clifton Benson driving her car. We heard he parked it backwards by a vacant trailer,” Brenda said... The interior of the Pontiac was covered with grass and mud...

On Oct. 17, 1996 Jeremy Riley, of Dorsey, was arrested and charged with murder. He had been calling the Collier house prior to the body being found and asking not if she had come home yet but “if Susan had been found”... The grand jury didn’t allow the case to move forward. “For whatever reason they apparently didn’t see the evidence strong enough to take the case to court,” Johnson said... After the grand jury motion, both Benson and Riley were released.

The only other MSM I can find is from September 24, 1996:

Autopsy results were incomplete Monday on the skeletal remains of a woman found last week... Susan Collier, who had been missing since Aug. 9, was found dead in a field outside of Verona. Crime scene analysts speculated Collier’s body had been in the field between four and six weeks.

Collier’s parents reported her missing after she failed to return home after going out on Aug. 9. Collier’s car was recovered a few days later in a Plantersville Trailer Park.


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Oct 25, 2005
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Oh wow, the find a grave says she is buried next to her sister. I clicked on her name and she died in 1995, the year before Susan, at the age of 20. So sad for this family. :(