My sister, rochelle

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    My Sister, Rochelle Cremona-Simmons

    Last Friday, my sister, Rochelle flew to Albequerque, NM with her husband, for a week-long conference he was participating in. Yesterday evening, my brother-in-law called to inform me that he had not seen her since Wednesday evening, when she left the hotel after they argued, and that he had reported her missing to the local PD. He said that she left in their rental car, taking only her purse and her medications. (She has cardiomyopathy and a pacemaker). She has never been to Albuquerque before and doesn't know the area or anyone in it. According to him, Rochelle called his sister, crying, incoherent and lost. She has not contacted anyone in our family, which is totally out of character for her.

    PLEASE, please help us find her. Rochelle was/is driving a rented, 2010 Silver Buick Enclave (see photo below for make / model) with New Mexico Tag # 654PXA. If you see, have seen her / the car, please contact the Albuquerque PD @ 505-242-2677.


    We are beside ourselves with worry.
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