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Discussion in 'FLDS Raids and Related Items' started by Vegas Bride, Aug 19, 2009.

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    My dh and I went on a trip this past weekend and drove through Colorado City. He knew I was interested in the FLDS and so he drove around the town there for me to check on things. This was on Sunday and so there was a lot of activity going on, everyone in town was going to their church, if I recall correctly it was close to 1 p.m.
    Seeing the town in person was so different from just seeing pictures of it. The majority of the homes had fences all around, many with privacy fences even around the front of the yard, fencing was made out of all kinds of material, anything used to make a barier, posted with no tresspassing signs etc. There was not one welcoming sign in the entire town. only a few of the homes were fixed up with planters of flowers etc, yards were dull and gray for the most part with maybe some flowering weeds that could grow without watering, this is a desert area so you have to work at growing things. Around here some people don't want to use the water thats needed but you can still fix up a nice yard with stones and native plants etc.
    The church is huge and there had to have been close to 300 vehicles (all the vehicles were nice, many expensive trucks) all around and there were still a lot more coming. Men and boys all in suits, women and girls all in their long dresses and their hair done to perfection. We saw 2 young girls (maybe 12 yo) who looked to be twins, each wearing the identical dress. Even the youngest child had the same somber look, everyone moved in a marrer of fact manner, there was no excited shout from a child when they spotted a friend or relative, no squirming from a boy dressed up in his sunday best. There was 1 older man walking towards the church who gave us a wave, other than that no one looked our way (I waved back) The women and children with him did not look our way.
    There was not 1 dog or cat that we saw.

    Now for the thing that really set this trip apart from anyplace I have ever gone.

    After we drove into the town from the highway, within a few minutes we were being tailed by a grey truck, it followed us down every street we turned into. After a while dh pulled over and parked our truck, the other truck then drove past us, crossed a side street and pulled into a parking lot where they turned around and parked, keeping an eye on us. When we pulled out again, that truck pulled out also, keeping some distance between us. It was driven by a man, we did not see anyone else inside.

    I told dh our plate # is now probably written inside a book.
    I can not describe the feeling I had knowing how we were watched and followed the entire time we drove around, in my travels I have often found myself in unknown territory and at times places that were either dangerous or high security, never have I had the feelings I had Sunday! After we pulled back out to the highway this truck continued to follow us for about 5 miles before they finally decided we were leaving.

    Anyway I just wanted to share my experience since there was the thread here.


    Oh I forgot to mention, dh thought the way some of the womens hair was done was pretty, the ones with the braids, I think he was trying to give me a hint but that aint going to happen!!!
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