Mystery disease kills at least 18 in Nigeria

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    No Ebola or other viruses identified in samples.

    Whatever it is appears to attack the central nervous system.

    WHO officials are in the area to investigate.

    The Ondo State Commissioner for Health has released a statement outlining what looks like a very impressive management plan for the outbreak organised around five different 'task teams'.

    So the work will revolve around:

    1. Contact tracing - to try and find anyone who might have been exposed
    2. Case management - trying to find the best way to treat victims
    3. forensic and lab work to identify the causative agent
    4. Public education - to get messages out to communities and minimise ongoing risk
    5. Electronic and social media management - to get updates and information out in a timely fashion and ensure the population are not subject to rumours and inaccuracies resulting in panic.

    I wonder if this is why Nigeria managed to nip their Ebola outbreak in the bud so effectively.

    I really hope they manage to identify the cause swiftly.
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