Mystery of Prize Diamond Given Out at Hockey Game Turns Up in the Trash

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    he mystery of the missing diamond given out at a hockey game has been solved and a woman who says she never wins anything can't say that anymore. Last week, as part of a Ladies' Night at the Manchester Monarchs' hockey game, jeweler David Bellman gave the first 1,000 women who walked through the gates an envelope. One contained a half-carat diamond worth $2,500. The others held cubic zirconia, diamond look-a-likes.

    Hundreds of women had jewelers check their stone at the game, but the diamond didn't show up, and Bellman worried someone had thrown it away.

    He was right.

    Lauri Proulx had the diamond, but figured there was no way it was real.

    "I'm not a winner," she said Thursday, but after a pause, she added, "Well, now I am."

    Her roommate tossed the diamond in the trash after it sat on a counter for the weekend, but her son fished it out when he learned the winning diamond hadn't shown up and pestered Proulx to have it checked out.

    Proulx brought it to Bellman on Thursday, who confirmed it was the real thing.
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    That sounds like something I would do to, throw it away. I am such a "glass half empty" kind of gal!

    I am glad it was retrieved!

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