Mystery shopper buys store's entire stock of Mars bars

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    A shopper paid £2,131.20 for the entire stock of Mars bars at a branch of Woolworths in London.

    The woman, believed to be Lebanese, took advantage of a "five bars for £1" offer at the store in Edgware Road.

    Shop staff were said to have been stunned when the woman bought 10,656 Mars bars, reports The Sun.

    The wealthy shopper then got her chauffeur to load 220 boxloads into a black stretch limo - and pay in new £50 notes.

    Store manager Brian Bower said: "We were somewhat flabbergasted to say the least. We said it would take a while to get the sweets together.

    "We didn't know whether it was a joke but then a chauffeur arrived to collect them.
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