Naked man hijacks school bus

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    Two truck drivers, called “heroes,” stopped a man who stole a private school bus along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Thursday morning.

    According to Doraville police, a man driving erratically along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard northbound cut off the bus about 6:30 a.m., forcing the bus into a concrete median wall. The bus driver then hopped out of the bus and the suspect hopped in, driving away while taking off his clothes.

    "It's crazy. You don't ever think of anything like that every happening to you," said bus driver David Degasperis, who had been heading to the Atlanta International School to pick up students.

    Two truckers who saw the incident told 11Alive’s Elaine Reyes they instinctively knew they had to stop the stolen bus. They positioned their trucks – a flatbed 18-wheeler and a construction truck – in a way that forced the school bus to pull over along the median wall, about a quarter of a mile from the accident scene.

    One of the truckers said the naked suspect then jumped out of the school bus. Doraville police who had responded to the first accident closed in on the suspect and eventually subdued him.
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