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    Originally Posted by believe09
    ****Fellow Sleuthers****

    NAMUS/IdentifyUS is looking for platforms to educate families, law enforcement and medical examiners on the centralized databases established for missing persons and UID's. Please provide the following link for your contacts regardless of whether or not the case is cold:

    "This site provides an opportunity for families, law enforcement agencies and investigators to search nationwide for missing persons using a variety of powerful search features. Anyone may search the database, but by registering in the system both law enforcement professionals and the general public will also be able to:
    Add new missing persons cases
    Add physical and circumstantial details, photographs, dental contacts and other critical pieces of information to a case
    Create and print missing persons posters
    Track multiple cases as information is added to the system
    With your help, we can increase the number of missing persons cases solved each year providing closure for families and law enforcement officials nationwide."

    In order to maintain the integrity of the data entered, NAMUS wants to limit the people entering the information to those who have the most accurate resources-please encourage your contacts to make sure their cases are entered.

    Thanks for posting this is now a month since it was posted and I checked the stats today...about six months since the NamUs site became active:

    MP Case Breakdown
    Total Cases: 1601
    Open Cases: 1554 - 97.06%
    Closed Cases: 47 - 2.93%

    UID Case Breakdown
    Total Cases: 5065
    Open Cases: 4942 - 97.57%
    Closed Cases: 122 - 2.41%
    NamUs Aided: 7 - 0.14%

    By bumping this thread, it is my hope that family members here on WS (or those who have contact with families of the missing) will either enter their loved ones or encourage their local poice to do so.

    When you look at the numbers, of closed cases and NamUs aided, you realize this system has great potential. When you look at the number of cases entered, you realize that the word is not getting out to those who could be entering their loved ones names.
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    Thanks for posting info about the NAMUS site. I refer to it often in my research. It's yet another good tool someone can use to track down a missing person.

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