NC NC - Antwone Jones, 23, Fayetteville, 3 November 2001

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    Fourteen years ago, Antwone Jones was last seen alive in the parking lot of the Morganton Place Apartments. Investigators believe this is the location where he was abducted. His body was found on November 4th; he had been shot to death. His vehicle was found four days later. They believe it was a robbery attempt. In September of 2002, two men were charged in connection to this case after a confession was made. The charges were dropped after it was discovered that the individual was in a drug treatment facility at the time of the murder.

    His parents and detectives are asking the public for assistance in solving his murder.

    Detectives solicit tips, parents seek closure in 2001 cold case

    Deputies, victim's family seek answers in son's 2001 unsolved murder

    Fayetteville homicides decline - January 2002

    The Fayetteville Press Newspaper

    Find a Grave

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    Someone somewhere knows something. It breaks my heart that this family has not yet received justice.
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    There's not much info given in this case,

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