NC NC - Brittany Lochlear, 5, kidnapped and murdered, Raeford, Jan 1988

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    I'm hoping to find some answers and solve this case. Brittany Lochlear, age 5 was kidnapped from her bus stop while she was waiting for the school bus on January 7, 1988 in Raeford, North Carolina. Her body was found nude in a drainage ditch the following day about 3 miles from her home and where she was last seen. She had been indecently assaulted and drowned.

    There was a suspect in the case in 2003. But his DNA did not match the DNA at the crime scene. No other suspects have been named. Her family and the community still await answers.

    Authorities identify suspect in Locklear slaying

    'It hurts': Hoke County residents still remember the Brittany Locklear murder case
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    How tragic. That poor baby didn't deserve that.
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    Just some general factors common in most child abduction homicides to consider

    If you were to apply most states' general guidelines to classify "sexually violent predators", the majority of these individuals would fit the profile outlined in such hence their existence.

    -The Offender is usually in the area of the abduction for legitimate reasons, they usually live or work nearby or this may be a normal route for them to travel in their daily activities

    -The mean age of the offender in most of these cases, is 27 years old, but that works upon a slide rule (22-32) depending on factors such as incarceration time and time in treatment, or the military etc..

    -Approximately 70% are white males

    -Almost always these crimes are perpetrated for sexual reasons.

    -The offender usually has a criminal history most often with a focus on crimes against children, (not always, adult victims are not uncommon) but these will almost always of a sexual nature, these may however have gone unprosecuted, for several reasons

    -Often labelled as "Social Marginals" they are usually considered "oddballs" or "weird" and aren't usually above suspicion in such cases, with a tendency toward sociopathic behavior, In many cases, they are suspected almost immediately.

    -Weak social bonds, may have what they consider "friends" in a mitigated context

    -Most have an identified disorder, usually sexual, but also behavioral , slightly fewer abuse intoxicants.

    -Often frequent residence changes (moves) in their past , prior to the incident, usually at least 1 within a year prior to the incident.

    -Offender usually acts alone

    -Offender is unknown (stranger) to the victim in most cases, but only slightly less are acquaintances

    -Slightly less than half are unemployed or underemployed at time of incident

    -Occupation is usually blue collar considered "unskilled" or "semi skilled" . with construction being the most prominent industry

    -Usually live with parents or a family member

    -Unmarried or in any type of intimate relationship at time of incident

    -Offender, is usually not in any kind of legal custody status at the time (Probation/Parole etc..)

    -Victim is selected usually as a target of opportunity, physical characteristics other than gender and size usually bear little weight in victim selection.

    -Physical force is the most common method used to secure the victim, followed by con/ruse

    -Offender used a vehicle in approx 98% of abductions, where the victim was found deceased (Note to parents: Teach children to avoid vehicles at all costs, and to either get out of it or disable the vehicle , or draw attention to it if they find themselves in that situation)

    -Stressing events prior to , play much less a role in child abduction murders as opposed to abduction murders of adults, than we once thought, these individuals tend to be more like "killers in waiting" , then angry retaliatory types.

    -In only about 10% of cases, (not related to serial cases) has the offender committed a prior murder of a child, and only about 6.5 % had previously kidnapped a child. .

    -The Victim is often abducted less than .4 Mi from their home, they are usually transported greater than 5 Mi from the abduction site

    -Victim is usually alone at the time of abduction, to a lesser extent with friends

    -Overwhelmingly the victims are usually white, female, mean age of approx 11 years old. (the younger the victim the more theres a propensity for the offender to ba an aquaintence or family member)

    -The Murder site is often less then 200 feet from the body recovery site

    -The victim is usually deceased within the 1st 1-5 hours following the abduction, about 76% were killed within 3 hours of the abduction, and almost 100% within 24 hours , this is important to note because most children aren't reported missing until 2-4 hours following the actual abduction, which means in the majority of cases, the victim is deceased before they are even reported missing (the 1st 48 does not pertain to child abduction cases, the time frame is much smaller)

    -The offenders name usually comes up within the 1st 48 hours, is usually known to investigators within the 1st week of the investigation, though not necessarily as a suspect.

    -As we are now learning with the emergence of all these cases, being solved by DNA, the offender often commits further crimes of a sexual nature, though often short of murder, in many cases. (Investigative consideration should be considered in ALL crimes of a sexual nature to collect and submit DNA and do a THOROUGH background investigation on individuals suspected of such crimes, as well as anyone interviewed and perhaps not considered a suspect this is extremely important as many of these individuals have committed prior crimes, but were not prosecuted or caught )
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    Such a informative post Thankyou. Makes me think of a case here in Australia, William Tyrell.
    His body has never been found but such a insightful post could apply there too. Have you ever posted there?
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