NC - Crystal 'Jersey' Baker, 24, Durham, 22 Jan 2010

Discussion in 'Cold Cases' started by zelmajane, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Found murdered, stabbed multiple times.

    While looking in to something else I was finding a lot of information about Crystal Lynn Baker.
    She was found in the same vicinity as another unsolved Durham murder that has a thread here ( Her name is Michelle Spencer. They were found the same time of year, in the same area.

    Crystal was stabbed multiple times.

    Here is a link to Crystal's Durham PD Cold Case:

    Crystal Baker.jpg
    Crystal Baker2.jpg

    Her photo from her "hometown" Sailisbury, Maryland, news is very different from her posed Durham PD photo.

    I am starting this thread to dump all the info I find on Crystal in one place.

    Maryland news:

    WRAL news a year after:

    Here is a link to her NC DOC profile-
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    I can't help but wonder whether there's an actual connection in these two cases. On the surface the only similarity seems to be where they were killed. The race of the victims and method of death are completely different. The method of death is what really gets me since a murderer doesn't usually change their weapon, especially to go from shooting (more impersonal) to a knife (really personal - and she was stabbed mutual times which usually indicates anger).

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