GUILTY NC - Jason Corbett, 39, murdered in his Wallburg home, 2 Aug 2015 #10

Discussion in 'Recently Sentenced and Beyond' started by Tricia, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Thanks Courtney hopefully the appeals judge will see straight through them
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    Last desperate gasp to try and create doubt and therefore have verdicts set aside. The evidence of the murder negates their claim of defense/protection against domestic violence and the retracted statements of the children don't change that. They beat that man to death horribly and butally, yet had not one sign of being in a "fight for their lives", not a bruise, not a scratch, not a mark. They also didn't have Jason's skin under their own fingernails, which they would if they were in a battle to the death with him. They also had no blood on themselves - so put lie to their claim that they were performing life saving work on Jason while on the phone with 911. Also, Autopsy and BloodSpatter showed Jason never rose higher than his knees in his own bedroom. All of that totally negates any claim of "defense/protection" fight for life with their victim.
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    Totally agree, it almost seems a complete detachment from the actual evidence. This one part helps us, so lets cling to this and forget the other 80% that goes against us. The overall evidence goes completely against them so they cling to slight sliver of evidence that they can argue, for the next few years, as being a miscarriage of justice.

    All IMO
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    Every time I see this thread with new posts, I roll my eyes and wonder what they’re up to now...

    Then I laugh to myself when I think about Molly in prison.
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    Wrongful death suit has been settled out of court,
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