GUILTY NC - Jason Corbett, 39, murdered in his Wallburg home, 2 Aug 2015 #10

From Justice for Jason Facebook page yesterday:
“The North Carolina Attorney General Joshua H. Stein, has today filed a motion to the Supreme Court of North Carolina to stay the Court of Appeal's decision, which in essence is a motion to temporarily halt the effect of the opinion of the appeals court decision on the 4th February 2020.

In the absence of a temporary stay being granted, Molly Martens and her Father would be entitled to proceed to trial court.

The AG intends to file a notice of appeal to the Supreme Court based on Judge Collins’ dissent within fifteen days of the Court of Appeals’ mandate. “
“She was in close contact with another female inmate and disobeyed a direct order from the officer to immediately remove herself from the area.

After twice refusing to obey the prison officer’sorder, she finally complied when more officers were directed to the area”
The children of murdered Irish businessman Jason Corbett (39) want “to have their voices heard” by offering evidence at any US retrial of killers Tom (71) and Molly (37) Martens.

In a dramatic boost to North Carolina prosecutors, Jack and Sarah Corbett-Lynch have expressed their willingness to offer testimony at any retrial if disputed statements they made are relied on by the defence legal team.

Corbett children ‘want their voices to be heard’ in Martens retrial

IMO, The vote on the NC Supreme Court appeared politicized...all Democrats voting one way,Republicans the other. Hopefully, if the Martens are to benefited by what the children said...there should be a new trial so Sarah and Jack can speak now. That would be a non-political act of reason and decency.

The Martens want the children to be heard...okay...bring it on. Let them speak.

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