GUILTY NC - Jerome, 73, & Dora Faulkner, 62, murdered, Granville County, 1 Jan 2015

DNA Solves
DNA Solves
DNA Solves
Judge deals blow to defense in Granville murder trial

Edward Campbell told law enforcement officers in West Virginia that his son didn't play any role in the crime spree.

"He didn't kill anybody. He didn't shoot anybody," according to a transcript of his conversation with officers while on the way to a courthouse that was read in court Tuesday outside the presence of the jury.

Superior Court Judge Henry Hight said Edward Campbell's statements were hearsay and aren't admissible as evidence in the case, but he said he might reconsider that stance later.

Defense contends man wasn't in control of events when Granville couple killed

Defense attorney William Durham told jurors in the opening of Eric Campbell's trial that his abusive and controlling father carried out the crime spree and that Eric Campbell was an unwilling participant.

"The evidence will show that, during this event, Eric Campbell was weak and scared. He was not mean and cruel," Durham said. "He learned how to stay safe from his father. He learned to be passive."

Capps countered that Eric Campbell took part in the entire series of events and needs to be held accountable.
Is anyone watching this trial? I'm local, so, it has special interest for me.

It was one of the most cruel and brutal crimes that I have seen. I have read some things about the case, but, haven't seen much of the testimony.

Is it available on the WRAL site? Whenever, I try to view it, there continues to be overriding audio that prevents you from hearing the actual trial sound.
Go to YouTube and enter Eric Campbell trial. Lady Justice has uploaded daily videos of the trial. Lawnewz also has videos and WAT carries it daily. Hope this helps.

Campbell double murder trial enters second week

According to McPhee’s testimony Monday, among the items found in the two vehicles were shoes and prescription pills that belonged to the Faulkners and a loaded weapon. A chemical sprayer and bleach were found in the back of the Faulkner’s truck, which was used to try and clean DNA evidence and blood from the truck.

Earlier in the trial the prosecutor told the jury Campbell was with his father before the murders when he purchased chemicals, gasoline, and other items that were used to destroy the Faulkners home. The prosecutor also said Eric Campbell should have known there was something more going on, and that he made a concious decision to be involved in the crime.
Is anyone watching this trial? I'm local, so, it has special interest for me.

It was one of the most cruel and brutal crimes that I have seen. I have read some things about the case, but, haven't seen much of the testimony.

Is it available on the WRAL site? Whenever, I try to view it, there continues to be overriding audio that prevents you from hearing the actual trial sound.
Yes -- I live about 40 or so miles from Oxford, I'm late subscribing -- but I'm watching all of it!

Today is Wednesday, 7/26/17 -- Here's a link to WRAL -- sound is mostly okay today!
And Hi!, Prancy!!
Long time no "see"!

This is a tuff one for me -- a horrible, horrible crime, but this poor guy IMO couldn't hurt a flower. Certainly Eric seems normal with his father when his father is in a good humor -- Eric was careful to go along & be the same way, but I'm sure he would rather be anywhere else than near his horrible father. I would have a really tuff time as a juror on this one -- a first for me... Edward destroyed many lives...
Campbell trial: Defense witnesses say Eric Campbell abused by father

This expert testimony could be big in the defense’s narrative that Eric Campbell was so abused by his father that he was afraid to contact the authorities or do anything that would have prevented the murders of the Faulkners.

Chaudhary said she was stunned by the amount of times Family Protective Services in Texas had investigated the Campbell family,

“There was over a 1,000 pages worth of material,” Chaudhary said.

If found guilty, Eric Campbell faces the death penalty.
Jurors still out... So, we wait. :gavel::hanging:

I don't think the prosecution's case was all that strong -- yes, Eric was there, but I feel sure that if he had tried to get away, hell would have happened to him at the hands of his father, and he knew it. Prosecutor says that Eric was laughing and happy at the restaurant prior to the murders -- well, sure. Eric had learned early how to act around his father -- dad is laughing and enjoying dinner & a drink, well, I'll do the same. Eric & his brother learned this before they learned how to read, I'll bet. This young man is so battered and war-weary, he is only part of a person, IMO. No way he wanted to do anything that was done during that horrible tear in those other states. He had no choice. If I were the only one to vote NG, I would hang the verdict. IMO, JMHO. This is a first for me in a murder trial. (!)

I'm predicting a hung jury in this one.
From WRAL News:
[h=1]Prosecutors, defense make final arguments to jurors in Granville murder[/h]Oxford, N.C. — Jurors deliberated for about 2½ hours Thursday without reaching any decision on the fate of a Texas man accused of killing a Granville County couple in 2014.
From WRAL at 10:05 a.m. today:

Eric Campbell murder trial on hold 'indefinitely' while juror recovers from crash
Deliberations in the Eric Campbell murder trial were delayed indefinitely on Monday after one juror was in a car accident. Courtroom officials said the woman was injured in a wreck on Saturday and needed to attend an orthopedist appointment on Monday.

Court will be on hold until she is well enough to return, officials said.

Local News
Skittish juror again halts deliberations in Granville murder trial
Posted 9:56 a.m. today
Updated 11:11 a.m. today
Oxford, N.C. — The judge in the trial of a man accused of killing a Granville County couple in 2014 put the proceedings on hold Wednesday after a juror said she was unsure if she could continue deliberations.
Deliberations were then delayed Monday when the same juror was in a car accident and couldn't come to court.
The juror walked into court on Wednesday with visible injuries, and she was in tears as Hight spoke to her privately.
Hight delayed further deliberations until Aug. 28.
You're welcome!
Yep, I agree. A re-do. It's too horrible a crime for the prosecution to let it go without another trial. Dammit. This poor juror -- how could she sit through the entire trial, knowing that there were jury alternates, and then feel she couldn't render a verdict. What a waste. In my experience, usually jurors take up an attitude -- and imo, it's good that they do -- that they are the experts at this trial; they have watched it, perhaps taken notes, held it all in confidence, and now they are the only people in the world who knows enuff about it to be qualified to discuss & render a verdict -- and they're correct. Certainly the judge knows as much, but with a jury sitting, it is not his responsibility to do so. I hate that the specter of a mistrial is hanging on this one, but it'll go how it goes.
I find this juror situation very odd. Before the jury went out to deliberate, she should have said "I can't continue." The judge would have inserted an alternate and let her go. But instead she waited until they got into the deliberation room and became confounded.

And then an accident happens, and then she needs surgery, and then recovery time while she weans herself off pain meds.

I feel so sorry for the loved ones of this poor couple. Sorry, but this woman seems like a flake or something. She had a chance to beg off! And now the family has to go through this hell all over again (if a mistrial occurs because of juror #3, which I agree seems likely.
Texas man convicted in robbery, deaths of Granville couple

Eric Campbell, 24, of Alvin, Texas, was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, second-degree arson, robbery with a dangerous weapon and two counts of cruelty to animals in the Dec. 31, 2014, deaths of Jerome Faulkner, 73, and his wife, Dora Faulkner, 62.

But before jurors can determine whether he will be sentenced to death or life in prison without parole, the trial will be delayed again.

The sentencing hearing began Monday afternoon and lasted less than 20 minutes before Superior Court Judge Henry Hight decided that portion of the trial would be postponed at least a week.
what is with this judge...wants to start the sentencing right now then delays a week and a juror says she can't deliberate...he won't call her some days...she then gets in an accident...more delays and comes back and voila guilty!! This is some really odd case.

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