NC NC- Joseph Michael Blake (aka: Sol Vein Zivek), 51, Ellerbe, Richmond County, March 2019

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    Law enforcement Wednesday morning began a wide search for an Ellerbe man believed to be “depressed”.

    Joseph Michael Blake, 51, who changed his name to Sol Vein Zivek several years ago, according to Major Jay Childers, was reported missing by his father on Friday.

    Childers said Blake was last seen or heard from at the end of March. Blake had been depressed following the death of his live-in girlfriend, according to Childers.

    “We’ve conducted initial investigative steps and we are now expanding to see if he may be in the wooded areas near his residence,” Childers said.

    The search area is in the northern part of Ellerbe. Childers said Blake is believed to be in the area around his home because he does not have access to transportation.

    Anyone with any information related to Blake’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office at (910) 997-8283.

    There are approximately 45 people in the search party representing 12 different agencies. Those agencies are the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Richmond County Emergency Services, Ellerbe Fire Department, Ellerbe Rescue Squad, Cordova Fire and Rescue, Hamlet Fire and Rescue, Pineland Search and Rescue, N.C. Emergency Management, Montgomery County Emergency Management, Anson County Emergency Management, Ansonville Fire Department, Aberdeen Fire Department, Moore County Public Safety, Kannapolis Fire Department and the American Red Cross.

    Missing man in Ellerbe believed to be ‘depressed’ | Richmond County Daily Journal
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    I'm posting this because it is a better pic of Sol. I know this family, I went to school with Mike (aka Sol), but haven't seen or heard from or of him in years. His parents are the salt of the earth. There were mental health issues many years ago. I can't find where I read it, but the area searched - well, there have been reports of a smell. :(
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    There was a SAR group involved yesterday.

    The Richmond Observer - Search ends for missing Ellerbe man

    This article answerd two of my main questions :
    1- Where he lived.
    2- How he was last "heard" from.

    Now I just wonder why the name change and what the significance to him was.
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