NOTGUILTY NC - Joshua Callahan, 2, suffocated, Raleigh, 26 Sept 2012 *Insanity*

Discussion in 'Recently Sentenced and Beyond' started by Cherry, Jan 16, 2014.

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    There is a live hearing on wral regarding Michelle Harpster. I've been listening for over an hour as I dosed at home trying to recover.

    She smothered her baby boy Joshua and suffers from Delusional Paranoid Schzophrenia, diagnosed before she ever became pregnant or gave birth.

    Believed that "rich white people" were going to take her baby from her and use him as a sex slave. Was homeless at times with little family support. Judge has just taken a break after note from "jurors" although it's a hearing I dk why there are jurors.

    Oddly her other delusions were that she knew stars, that she had written lyrics that John Mayer stole from her, that she had killed her sister and at times didn't know who she or the real "she" was....was almost involuntary institutionalized and sought help after online association with someone in the medical field.

    I dk how she afforded the hotel room; but she did admit to killing her son via smothering, she kneeled over him and pinched his nose together and smothered him to death. After that she says she laid there with him, she did it to "save" him from the "rich white people" who were going to take him away. IN the childs first month of life the child was removed from her but given back by CPS/state. She is a cutter, and after the child was deceased she attempted suicide via cutting but "it wouldn't work" eventually ended up in the shower/bath...attempting to cut deeper. Dr on stand did admit the cuts were "quite deep". So not only did she succesfully commit infanticide, then she attempted suicide and failed. She used a razor blade from Walmart she claimed. Had prev cutting incidents.

    Judge has questioned several times each Dr on the Stand. Questioned how she didn't get help; how she was homeless, how it was known that she was mentally ill, that she was only hospitalized once for said mental illness. Long before becoming pregnant. Very interesting case, reminds me of Andrea S. in Tx. Very sad.

    :( *court in a short break* at 3:45 est.
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    This is super sad. Can't even venture to read/listen :(
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