NC - Missing teenager rescued from kidnapper by using tiktok hand signal


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Feb 20, 2015
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A girl was rescued by police after she used a distress signal popularized on TikTok

Authorities in Kentucky say they arrested a 61-year-old man and rescued an underage girl from his car after a motorist saw her using a hand gesture popularized on the social media platform TikTok last year.

Last week, a 911 caller alerted authorities in Kentucky that a female passenger in a car traveling southbound on I-75 was using a hand gesture that indicates violence at home and appeared to be in distress...police say they pulled over the car and learned that the juvenile female passenger had been reported missing from Asheville, N.C. two days earlier by her parents.

they also found a phone in the driver's possession that allegedly contained material portraying a juvenile female in a sexual manner. The 61-year-old suspect, James Herbert Brick of Cherokee, North Carolina, was subsequently arrested at the traffic stop.

Missing teen rescued using popular TikTok hand gesture to signal help