Found Deceased NC - Samuel "Sam" Haugh 21, Autism, moved to NC to be w/bf met online, bf dead by suicide & had violent past, car Hampton Inn, Salisbury, 28 Apr 2024

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Feb 6, 2019
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On May 5, they filed a missing person’s report with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

The same day, Sam Haugh’s boyfriend was found dead.

He died by suicide, according to a police report.

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Samuel Haugh, 21, originally from York, Pennsylvania, was reported missing May 5. His mother, Jennifer Haugh, said Samuel Haugh last spoke with his grandmother April 27, and April 28, he stopped communicating all together. His phone was apparently turned off May 1, she said.

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(See the two linked articles for more information.)
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I’m desperately trying to post an update but I am unable to do so. I can not figure out why.

If you are friends with Sam's family, you should go through the verification process and then you can post information without needing to attribute it to a mainstream media source:

Also, this explains why and how to post information:
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"The mother said she found a charge on her son’s credit card from May 4 for a service to move his car to the hotel parking lot."

Why were they at a hotel, and does she mean a valet service? Move the car from where to the parking lot?

also, "The mother said she found a charge on her son’s credit card from May 4 for a service to move his car to the hotel parking lot."

"“Sam is an endangered and vulnerable young adult, who doesn’t have a phone,” she said. “He doesn’t have any money. He doesn’t have a credit card, and he has no way to survive.”"

How very strange. Michaels obituary and Facebook make him sound like a devout Christian. Yet he was allegedly trafficking Sam, who was his boyfriend, and committed suicide? It’s not really adding up….

Michael Olarte FB

I think whoever wrote the obituary is trying to control the narrative. Very much IMO.

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