Found Deceased NC - Samuel "Sam" Haugh 21, Autism, moved to NC to be w/bf met online, bf dead by suicide & had violent past, car Hampton Inn, Salisbury, 28 Apr 2024

DNA Solves
DNA Solves
DNA Solves
10/00/2023MichaelReleased from prison
MichaelMost recent Reddit comment
SamMoved to Charlotte
SamParents still in communication
SamSpoke to grandmother
8:19 PM​
MichaelMost recent Twitter Activity
MichaelCreated account on idriveyourcar
6:30 AM​
MichaelPhotographed at Walmart w/ storage binWalmart
SamNo communication from this point forward
SamPhone turned off
SamPlate reader verified Sams car was on Hankins rd (at longterm hotel)
MichaelCar is moved Michael paid to have car moved to Salisbury, NC. Police were there when parents arrived.
Sams car moved
SamReported Missing
MichaelFound decesead w/ gun shot to head
Parents went to every store Sam's American Express card was used at a learned Sam didn't make purchases Michael did. Almost $1300 worth of charges
Also learned on Tuesday Michael was trafficking Sam.
So, he gets released from prison last October. Within five months he's dating a man with Autism (which he had to have figured out quickly and took advantage of it). And within a month of Sam moving in with him, he's missing and the boyfriend is at Walmart purchasing a container that he is later seen wheeling out of a hotel room on a dolly.

I think Sam realized Michael must not have been who he said he was online, and Sam must have killed him for whatever reason. Unfortunately since he committed suicide we'll never know what the motive was, but just based off the information we have, this is leaning towards foul play.
"The mother said she found a charge on her son’s credit card from May 4 for a service to move his car to the hotel parking lot."

Why were they at a hotel, and does she mean a valet service? Move the car from where to the parking lot?

also, "The mother said she found a charge on her son’s credit card from May 4 for a service to move his car to the hotel parking lot."

"“Sam is an endangered and vulnerable young adult, who doesn’t have a phone,” she said. “He doesn’t have any money. He doesn’t have a credit card, and he has no way to survive.”"

Maybe it means MOs mother found a charge on MOs card.

MOs mother told Sam's mother that MO was dead.. right? So maybe it means her in that part as well (I can't say I didn't see this in articles I read so I don't know where this comes from.)
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It was Sam's mother that found the charge on Sam's card.
Ok yes, so MO was the one without a card.

This really does look like a bad outcome, hopefully not though. Either way I certainly hope Sam is found soon.

I wonder if MO had any close or semi close friends or any that he kept in contact with. I would think LE would look for that to talk to them though. Just, a lot of people don't talk to LE though also. But I was thinking since his social media accounts were made so recently, he would likely add the closest people first : friends or anyone he might need for whatever reasons, and maybe family after that. (Usually the way it goes.) So the first additions to SM accounts might have the most info about him, or the recent him anyway.
Yeah, I considered that but I think it's likely a case of denial from the family. I see that way to often.
It's possible that he could have been legitimately struggling with some serious demons/issues, and his family just chose to memorialize the positive.

Before now, did MO have other charges other than the attempted first degree murder and a moving violation? I know sometimes people just snap, but I always envision some progression to the taking of a life. IDK The whole situation is terribly sad, especially for Sam and his family.

I hope Sam is found soon.
I apologize if this has been asked and answered already. Did MO leave a note? TIA
At some point he returned to his hotel room (carrying the bin). There is also surveillance (same day) of him exiting his room rolling the bin out on a wheeled dolly. (Mom has not gotten these times, so I have not provided them.) Mom is obviously very interested in finding out where Michael went after he left the hotel with the dolly.
Has MO's mother attempted to make contact with Sam's family about any items bought on Sam's credit card that may be in her possession?
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I hope that Sam is found safe and sound very soon.

I’m trying to go about my day and I just had to come back here and say that I can’t stop thinking about Sam and his loved ones- what a real life nightmare. I’m sending love and strength to those looking for answers and searching for Sam.
@MIssing:SamHaugh thank you for being here, and I’m so sorry for the circumstances in which you’re here.
Sam has been found deceased :(

May 24, 2024

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed officers found the body of missing 21-year-old Sam Haugh, and they’ve ruled his death a homicide.

Hey guys.. I really appreciate the interest in this. I'm a friend of Sam's family and I'm trying to help them them find him. I just found out about this site today and I just completed the insider verification process so that I can participate. I see that there's a lot of questions here and a lot of missing gaps..

I will try to fill these in as best as I can, and whatever I can't answer, I'll follow up with his mom. Thank you again so much for your interest in this case and for trying to help!

Thank you for being here and we appreciate any information you can provide ( especially once verified ).

I sure hope Samuel is found soon !!
Sam has been found deceased :(

May 24, 2024

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed officers found the body of missing 21-year-old Sam Haugh, and they’ve ruled his death a homicide.

Oh Nooooo

I am so sorry @MIssing:SamHaugh

Prayers sent to his family and friends and to you !!!
I’m so sad for Sam and his family.

My 21 year old daughter has autism and while she’s very smart, she’s also very childlike. This could easily happen to her. It’s really hard finding a balance with her for independence. It’s so scary the evil that lies lurking ready to prey on the vulnerable.

I thought this is probably what happened, but I was still holding out hope. Prayers for Sam’s family and friends.
Officers found Haugh’s body on May 21 off River Circle near Mountain Island Lake. The N.C. Medical Examiner’s Office determined on Friday Haugh died from a gunshot wound

I just feel she was such a wonderful friend to the family. I think I stated earlier, I had fallen in love (hug wise) with his dad. And would love her to share all the care we have felt
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