GUILTY NC - Talisa Reynolds, 22, bludgeoned to death, Colfax, 19 Feb 2006

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    The son of a Colfax minister has been charged with murder in the bludgeoning of a woman found Sunday inside his Guilford County home.

    Andrew David White, 25, of 111 N. Bunker Hill Road, was under armed guard Monday at Moses Cone Hospital. Guilford sheriff's detectives will serve the first-degree murder warrant upon his release.

    White's parents, the Rev. Sam White and his wife Muriel, made the grisly discovery Sunday night after returning home from a weekend trip.

    They first found their youngest son unconscious in his bedroom with superficial wrist lacerations. In their basement was Talisa Anne Reynolds, 23, dead under the stairs.

    Woman killed at church parsonage

    Guilford County deputies are investigating a murder that happened at the parsonage for the Shady Grove Wesleyan Church in Colfax. Sheriff B.J. Barnes says the son of the church's pastor will be charged with the crime. The pastor and his wife found Andrew White in his bedroom unconscious and unresponsive, with cuts on his wrist. They followed a trail of blood to the basement and found the body of his girlfriend, 22-year-old Talisa Ann Reynolds, under the stairs. Investigators believe she was bludgeoned to death. Andrew White is still at Moses Cone Hospital under the watch of a sheriff's deputy. He will be charged with murder as soon as he is released from the hospital.
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    This is a local story that is quite disturbing. The son of the minister beat a woman to death in the church parsonage while his parents were away. Very odd situation. The parents say they were totally unaware of the woman before finding their son unconcious and blood throughout the house, and then finding her body in the basement. I feel so sorry for the minister and his wife. They have another son who is a minister somewhere out in the Dakotas, I think.
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