GUILTY NC - Teghan Skiba, 4, Smithfield, 19 July 2010 #5

Discussion in 'Recently Sentenced and Beyond' started by concerned4kids, Jul 18, 2010.

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    Absolutely the worst I have ever seen, what this ~man~ did to that little, innocent, child who had nowhere to hide, and no one to rescue her. For ten hell-filled days this barely 4 year old little girl somehow endured every cruelty that can be imagined.
    And I still won't believe that his grandmother, whose house wasn't far from the tool shed where Richardson imprisoned little Teghan for days and tortured and sexually abused her in ways that are unspeakable, didn't hear or see anything unusual. SMH.
    The doctor who treated that little girl, broke down in tears on the witness stand when he was explaining the wounds she had. He said there was nowhere on her body that did not have a burn, bite, bruise, cut, electrical shock, or other injury.
    Her mother was attending military Army Reserve summer camp out of state for two weeks, so she left that precious gift named Teghan with that monster.
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    Remembering you, sweet little Teghan.
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