Found Deceased NC - Vatsla Watkins, 39, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, 18 Mar 2019

Discussion in 'Located Persons Discussion' started by cybervampira, Mar 21, 2019.

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    Incredibly sad.

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    What a horrible way to die. I can't imagine how someone could let themselves drown -- wouldn't their reflexes and instinct to breathe kick in? I suppose it probably did but she made sure she was in a position where she couldn't get out even if she wanted to. The terror must have been awful, especially if she decided at some point that she did not want to die after all. Her poor family!
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    June 11, 2019
    “The autopsy report for Vatsla Watkins confirms that she died from drowning in Lake Wylie. Read the full autopsy report HERE.


    The report also says Watkins medical history includes depression and anxiety and that she reportedly had discussed drowning herself and was experiencing increased mental health symptoms around the time she was found dead.

    [SBM]” (BBM)
    Autopsy Report Confirms Missing Charlotte Woman Died From Drowning In Lake Wylie - WCCB Charlotte's CW

    I got sick to my stomach reading this article.

    Vatsla was last seen leaving her home during the early hours on March 18th. Her family reported her missing around 1 pm the same day. Yet CMPD didn’t ask for the public’s help until the 21st. What took them so long?

    Were they not aware that she had a medically documented history of depression and anxiety, and that her health had been deteriorating?

    In cases like this, why can’t LE say something like “[The missing person] suffers from health issues and may be in need of immediate medical attention,” or “... does not have her medication and may require immediate medical care.” It would only make sense, IMO.

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    I agree. Simply stating that Vatsla was suffering postpartum depression would have gone a long way here.

    And who takes the keys with them when entering the water to drown themselves? I'd still like to know where she entered the water...


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