Still Missing NC - Zebb Quinn, 18, Asheville, 2 Jan 2000 *Arrest in 2017*

It seems the mystery of the pager that Zebb received that night hasn't been accounted for? It couldn't have been Owens who sent it because he was driving with Zebb at the time. It came from Zebb's auntie's house. And she just happened to be having dinner with Misty's mother? Misty and Wesley both knew the aunt wasn't home, so I believe one or both of them went there to page Zebb. This news snippet also states that a phonecall to Zebb's aunt was made from Zebb's father's house three minutes before the pager was sent to Zebb:
While I don't doubt Owens was behind the murder, and his dead uncle was a convenient scapegoat, I think he was trying to incriminate Wesley Smith indirectly. Like I said previously in this thread, I'm surprised no legal charges have been brought against him seeing as Owens has now implicated him in Zebb's murder. I'm guessing they don't want to commit anymore investigative work to this case and hope the family can take closure from Owens' confession.
Good evening! I just found this case and have been reading about it a lot today. With that being said, I’ve also been googling everything, Is Misty’s ex boyfriend on death row? There is someone with the same name, similar crime, same age range. I haven’t been through all of the posts yet, but I was wondering if this was him. Obviously Owens is involved, from his guilty plea, but he is saying his uncle did it for the boyfriend at the time. I suppose if it is him on death row, nothing more could be gained from getting that conviction, but from a family stance, I would want to know. <modsnip>
I’m local to the case. Graduated with Zebb. From what I recall Misty and her boyfriend got married and have kids together. I don’t think he is on death row.
I’m local to the case. Graduated with Zebb. From what I recall Misty and her boyfriend got married and have kids together. I don’t think he is on death row.
To my mind the lips drawn on the car is something a female is more likely to do, and the puppy, (so glad she got a good home with one of the detectives on the case) to me it seems like Misty may have played Zeb for whatever reason, poor guy was crazy over her, and the boyfriend didn't like his presence.
I actually wonder if the the page was to try to warn him.

A lure would not necessarily have been needed I don't think as he was on the way to view a car with Owens. Although I guess it could have been used to get him to a more remote location :(. I just don't know.

I wonder if M found out that evening what was going on and tried to warn him, did not want to use her own phone so used the Aunt's to send the page. Zebb tries to get away from Owens which results in a collision somewhere. I don't believe anything that Owens says so I don't even believe it was on that road. Maybe Zebb was trying to get away from him at the remote location. Owens sadly murders Zebb which was pre-planned. The injuries were inconsistent with a car collision so it seems like that is evidence of something additional going on with him, which I think is what the trial said.

The question for me is whether M's bf is involved or not at all.

- Zebb was scared of him
- Shortly before this happened he forgot to do *67 and revealed his number and said he was in big trouble.
- Were Owens and M's bf in it together?
- Did Owens set up the car thing as a lure and also to ensure that Zebb had money on him? Or was it something to do with M's bf initiating it?
- I do not believe this was an accident then covered up.
- Other people seem to have evidence that Owens writes his explanation points like that, although I think there were multiple people involved in the cover-up.
- Obviously the bf was irate but that does not make him a murderer. But, given the page, to me it indicates there was at least knowledge of what was going to happen as it is so out of the ordinary.

I am so sorry, RIP Zebb. What a kind, caring, and nice person it sounds like he was.
I still want to know how Owens' murder plea can be accepted without arresting Wesley for conspiracy to commit murder?

the podcast will be available tomorrow
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