NE NE - Sunny Sramek, 18, Trenton, last seen with male, 20 April 2019 *endangered*

AUG 1, 2023

Sunny Sramek, who is now 22 years old, is described by family members as kind, funny, artistic, and a lover of all people and animals.

While her parents cannot comment on specifics, they described what these last four years have been like and are remaining hopeful, while fearing the worst. “It’s all consuming I mean, your mind is always there when you lay down and when you wake up, I mean I barely leave my bedroom,” said Sunny’s mother, Paula Johnson.


“Just keeping her story and her face out there continually so nobody forgets about her,” said Johnson. “She’s still missing and there’s been no justice, something has to come out of this.”

Sramek’s father, Jody Sramek, said he would do anything to help. “Maybe she’s out there, it’s so painful being helpless,” said Sramek.


The release states that the FBI is offering $10,000 for any information that leads to the recovery of Sunny or information that leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for her disappearance.

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Beyond the Live PD showing, I can't find a single media update on this case. Sad how some cases get so much attention and others aren't deemed worthy.
With a history like that and the more recent arrest on meth charges, Sunny clearly trusted the wrong person. Cliff Coates disappeared this young girl, who is going to seek justice for her?
I just learned of this case for the first time today, when a story about it was posted on Facebook. I have to agree about Coates, I mean, she was with him when she went missing. Hopefully someone will come forward with information and he will be arrested and reveal where he hid her body.
Can we reference the Find Sunny Sramek page on Facebook? It is ran by a relative.
MOD NOTE - Pages run by family members are allowed. Only admin posts - not comments as they are considered rumor. More info at the Social Media Rules link below this post.


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