Ned's Final Theory-Lou Smit are you still reading here?

Eagle1 said:
Nedthan Johns said:
Patsy needed John to cover up for her, and John needed to camouflage the signs of sexual abuse, which is why he agreed to be her accomplice in the cover-up.,,,,,,,,,,,
Let’s just say Patsy lost control and cracked JB in the skull. She then goes and gets John and he realizes the child cannot be saved. He is forced then to end JB’s life because he realizes someone will find out about the sexual molestation. The paintbrush was tied on the rope after the fact for effect. (the child’s hair was caught in the knot) Therefore in attempt to cover both, they together stage the scene. I always wondered if the penetration to her vaginal region could have been done after her death, since there was little to no blood.

Now Patsy’s statement to her friend after the murder, “WE didn’t mean for this to happen” comes into full light. .........QUOTE]

Could be this was how it was. Patsy also said while sedated, "THEY'VE killed my baby." Impossible to tell if that was part of an alibi/staging. Maybe she wasn't THAT sedated.

But I'm still a fence sitter because there's also evidence of hate-propagandists out of state,(Charlevoix and MAYBE Waterford, Mi.) and the walker and all that. I'm reserving judgement. Another Karr could still turn up, or, "anything could happen". There's more than one plausible theory. One more thing, I don't think the R's would have put a boot on a pole to make one footprint in that mold. We can't just throw out all these extra things. They happened and we have to pay attention. There's also been theories about most of the friends, and Barnhill's boarder who was supposedly unknown to the R's, who crashed the party on the 23rd saying dogs were barking. There was a "rave" party two doors away, either the 23rd or the 25th, I forget which. Some journalist's girlfriend accused him, I believe, and they broke up over this. Someone could go on and on about all this extra, that I guess has kept the case alive. Several people could be suspicious. McReynolds with his notched Celtic harp and deceased little boys and girls, obviously could have been there even though he'd had a heart attack, as Karr could have been. Karr could have sneaked the shabby bear into JonBenet's pageant pkg, I'll bet.

Isn't this a lot like putting a watch back together and having a lot of parts left over?
Not really.Karr probably didn't even know JB existed b/f the murder.
JMO8778 said:
Not really.Karr probably didn't even know JB existed b/f the murder.

Eagle: If one wanted to, I bet they could find all kinds of other things that could leave a person supposedly guessing. So there was a rave party, so there was a woman who accused her boyfriend, so neighbors heard dogs barking. The fact is there is no physcial proof of an intruder and for someone to have done what they supposedly did to Jon Benet, there would be something. But,there are fibers from Patsy's sweater on the back of the tape covering JonBenet's mouth, also in the garrote and in the paint box. There is a practice note in the same pad that the note was written. 24 out of the 26 letters written by Patsy for the police at some point match the note. Some of them are incredible and can almost be superimposed.

Give me something to believe in and I will try. But so far no one after ten years has found anything conclusive except for the ad nauseum claim that the DNA from someone else has been found in the underwear and that has been cleared since it is older and does not by any stretch of the imagination match the dna found under her nails, which could have come from a hundred places that day. The DNA in the underwear is most likely from a worker at the plant it was packaged since it is older also.

There is more evidence here than for Scott Peterson, absolutely. There is no physical evidence in the Scott Peterson case proving his guilt, except for the fact that he is an idiot.

And also what about the fact that when John Ramsey is asked by el sleezoid supremo Mr. Tracey if he killed his daughter, John shakes his head yes and then in the middle of that shaking of his head, shakes his head no and says I regret, I regret..... I could not ....

Patsy when asked by Detective Tom Haney if prior abuse was going on she says "I knew....I, uh knew..." and Haney says "you knew?" and she says I knew there was (and she phrases it differently). She also asked her private investigator who is sitting there "did you know about this". Now if she wants us to believe that she heard something about it "I knew... uh I knew" then why would she ask the investigator if he knew about it, (She just admitted that she heard something about it). Plus she pays the man and I know he had talked to her about it - unless she is paying to find out things but not be told about it.

These interviews by Patsy and John are very interesting because if one reads them carefully, you can see where they mess up. Patsy messes up again regarding the red heart painted on JonBenet's hand. She is emphatic that she saw it that morning - December 26th. Says so three times. And Detective Haney is incredulous - because Patsy is not supposed to have seen Jon Benet that morning.

The next day before questioning begins she says she wants to clear up something and that she probably read about the heart in the autopsy report. However, down the hall in another room, John is saying he and Patsy DO NOT read autopsy reports.

So that is why they are suspects to me. Can you tell me something that would change my mind?
Steve Thomas wanted to put them in jail in the belief that they would talk if they were separated behind that cold steel. Hunter said no.

Big mistake, in my view.

Isn't this a lot like putting a watch back together and having a lot of parts left over?

Yes, but like I've said many times, that's typical of crimes. I have yet to see a case where everything clicked together as neatly as the movies.
NP, I was reading about this at Purg and she'd won a WHITE bear with some kind of banner on it at the pageant, so, when they noticed the brown shabby bear in her room after the murder, it probably meant the killer had brought it with him, and its looking exactly like Karr's childhood bear means a lot more fibers than the family's.

Seems nobody in authority is even noticing. They need reasons to keep saying he's not off the hook yet, besides his knowing Nedra's nickname. I personally think the bear would be an even better reason.

I still don't know exactly where PR calling it a "shabby" bear comes from. She said, according to one of the books, she'd never seen the brown bear before, didn't know where it came from. Maybe she said something about it being "shabby" then. Don't know.

Pedophiles do network, I hear, and I'm sure he'd probably heard of JonBenet. Plus, we don't really know anything about that secret 7-wk "training" camp in Georgia where Karr lived, that Lucas and Toole and Bin Laden are reputed to have attended. I tried googling and couldn't find out anything about it. Know anything about that, and whether Karr could have also been there? His wife didn't always know where he was, right?

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