Need a volunteer to help a member post information on a case

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    Hi Everyone,

    I need a volunteer to help SportBelle post information concerning her mother's case.

    Here is a link to her mother's forum "Martha Morgan".

    SportBelle has many other things she needs help with posting.

    Basically, SportBelle has proven her mother did not commit suicide but was in fact murdered by her father. SportBelle has all the evidence but she needs media heat because the coroner refuses to change the cause of death to either "inconclusive" or "murder" even though the evidence is very easy to see.

    We are looking for someone who knows how to post files, pictures and such on Websleuths. Must also help with other areas like social media.

    We need the volunteer to be committed to help SportBelle in her quest to get her mother's manner of death changed to murder.

    Send me a private message or email me

    Thank you.

    PS. To get caught up quickly you can listen to Websleuths Radio with SportBelle.
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