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Discussion in 'Darlie Routier' started by Hopeful One, Apr 18, 2010.

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    So this is pretty cool to me. My sister is in college and has to write a paper titled "Darlie Routier: Innocent or Guilty?" I used to know this case inside and out but I have forgotten a lot over the years. Can you all help?

    What are some hard facts she should include? I am still on the fence but leaning towards guilt. I just want as many cold, hard facts to give her as possible.

    A couple questions I have (things I used to know but have since forgotten): The "unidentified" fingerprint that was found, isn't it true that the boys can't be ruled out because their fingerprints weren't taken? Also, is it true that Darlie's underpants were missing and Darin commented on that to a police officer? Or is that just rumor? What about the fiber (for lack of a better word) found on a knife in the knife block that matched that screen that was cut? Wasn't that "fiber" something that could be consistent with many household items, i.e. it wasn't 100% consistent with the screen and the screen alone?

    Man, I can't believe how much I've forgotten!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    The fingerprint could not be matched to anyone because it wasn't possible to get a good read off the print. The print itself was smeared and not usable. Could not tell exactly who's it was. The boys' bodies were exhumed and fingerprints taken. There is no proof Darlie's underpants were taken or that she even had any on to begin with. Just my opinion here, but somebody takes her underpants OFF her and she doesn't remember that? Right. The fiber evidence on the knife found in the kitchen set was consistent with the screen. I don't ever remember reading anywhere that it was consistent with anything else...including any other household items. The blood evidence found on the back of Darlie's nightshirt is consistent with cast-off blood from a murder weapon. As in cast off while raising her arm to swing down again. I have a whole scenario of exactly how and why I believe she is 100% guilty if you'd like to hear it sometime.
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    Weasel, have you wrote down your scenario as of yet? It would be a great blog topic, everyone's "take" on what, why, and how.
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    Your sister should use the transcripts as her guide to the case facts.

    I believe the boys were exhumed and prints taken, however only one hand of each was taken. Devon already had his prints taken earlier at school so it was only Damon`s prints they needed. It`s Darlie who cannot be ruled out as the bearer of those prints. Those prints cannot be used to identify anyone as they are partial prints..they can be used to exclude and so far she is only excluded by her defence experts. It`s a good idea to look at what`s around the prints (blood I mean) and the locations of said prints.

    The facts of this case are in the blood and fibre evidence.

    The bread knife in the Routier butcher block was found to have two pieces of evidence in it`s serrations...a fibreglass rod and rubber dust...both consistant with the cut window screen. You have it a tad backward, Linch testified he did not find another source at the Routier home that could have matched the fibre and dust.

    Darlie`s lack of panties is not a case fact, it`s just one of the rumours, inneundos, red herrrings and half-truths that surround this case.

    the blood evidence clearly shows Darlie and Darlie alone committed the murders.

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