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Neil Young files for divorce after 36 years of marriage

Discussion in 'Celebrity and Entertainment News' started by zwiebel, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. zwiebel

    zwiebel New Member

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    'Neil Young has filed for divorce from Pegi Young, his wife of 36 years. The couple have performed together since the 1990s and collaborated to start the Bridge School, a non-profit school for children with severe physical and speech impairments.'

    'Documents obtained by Rolling Stone show that Neil Young filed a petition for dissolution of marriage on 29 July in the couple's home town of San Mateo, California. Pegi received a formal copy of the notice on 31 July and both have submitted a notice of alternative dispute resolution. A hearing is scheduled for 12 December.'
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  3. Xara

    Xara Active Member

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    So sad after so many years together.....sigh.
  4. AlwaysShocked

    AlwaysShocked Well-Known Member

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    Oh my goodness! I have loved this man for many, many years. I never, ever thought there would be even a chance that Neil and I would both be single at the same time! But, apparently here we are!

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