New Americas most improved dad - Reality show.

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    The link requires registration, but you can read all of the topic headers without registering.

    Show Concept
    The show focuses on the lives of
    five diverse men living together for six weeks
    while competing against each other in a variety
    of competitions to have their child support
    balance paid (up to $25,000) and a contest
    prize of $25,000. In their own words they will
    uncover as we discover some of the reasons they
    fell behind in the support of their child. Our
    Counselors will give assistance to each man in
    hopes to improve parenting skills and
    relationships with child and child’s mother.

    The men will earn money by working various
    jobs and through weekly competition. Money
    earned will go towards outstanding child
    support balance. If there is no outstanding
    balance the money will go as credit for future
    child support payments.

    The contest begins with a series of
    contestant interviews and the issuing of five
    life-like infant dolls. The dolls has a
    computer chip and a hidden mechanism that makes
    the dolls wiggles, cries and keeps data to help
    judges determine if it’s being properly cared
    for. During the six weeks, the men will fill
    the role of custodial parents. This will allow
    men to share the experiences of most single

    As of yesterday, 543 contestents have applied.

    I'm not sure what to think of this. I think the counseling and such is a good idea, but wouldn't it be a better idea to do that for both parents? -or- is there some kind of screening process to ensure the 5 contestents chosen have a mother who is willing to cooperate with them?

    Is it somewhat condescending to men? That crossed my mind. But I guess participants would be doing so of there free will, so maybe not. Plus, not all single dads are attempting a relationship with a newborn. Why limit it to just newborns? Think of all the never married absent fathers, children and mothers who could benefit at an older age.

    Then there is the issue of cse ( child support enforcement ) including the winnings as income. Which it should not.... Wonder if the show got that straightened out.

    Do you think the show will fly? Will it get the ratings it needs to stay on the air? I didn't read/see it was picked up by any station.


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    the idea that a dead beat dad can become famous bugs me. the fact that the kids will get money they need is great. the improved parenting skills may offer a long term benefit for these kids. i don't think i would watch but i am not a big reality TV fan.

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