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Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by maketoast, Feb 20, 2004.

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    As I am sure many of you have already figured out, I am the new moderator for this forum. During Maxi’s time here at WS, she made WS-JBR a place where all posters opinions counted, regardless of what they had to say! A place where people could express their opinions with out the fear of being bullied or belittled. Though Maxi may be gone, I still hold the same belief’s as she once held for this forum. Maxi did her best to make WS-JBR what it is today, and I can only hope to continue what she started.

    My philosophy is basically the same as Maxi’s. Any Posts containing personal attacks on fellow posters, including but not limited to, name calling, ad hominem arguments, and profane or racist language will be deleted. This is a rule that I am big on and I feel it is vitial to the survival of the WS-JBR community! As a reminder though, if I call you on your post, and it has merit, but also contains an ad hominem arguement, it will be moved to the PL where you WILL have the option to edit and re-post the information! It is also my goal to treat all posters, pro-ramsey or anti-ramsey, regardless of status, (knowledge of the case) with equality and respect.

    If you have a comment or suggestion, I would love to hear them. Anything you would like to express to me, feel free to contact me at your convience.

    Again, I would like to thank you for allowing me to be part of this great posting community. With your help and support, I am positive we can make WS-JBR the best in the game!

    As a side note- I deleted the Post with the Url to my site, and decided to include it in this message. Maketoast is a great Multimedia Resource on this case, so I hope you will all stop by and visit! -- Non-Framed is a much better version!

    Message from Maxi-

    I have decided to leave WebSleuths after all. Again, I feel sad to be leaving you all and our little community after all these years, but I have finally become convinced, once and for all, that the values and standards WS has stood for in the past are no longer going to be upheld on the other WS forums. WS has changed, and it is time for me to move on.

    I am sorry to leave so abruptly, but it seems necessary to avoid the impression that I want to be asked to stay. I will delete my account at the Admin panel as soon as I finish this post.

    If anyone would like to get in touch with me, I will be at the same old email addy:

    Good luck, my friends and fellow sleuths! I hope to see you in chats and on other forums in the near future.

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