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Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by calus_3, Aug 18, 2006.

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    From Fox just now:

    1) The extradition may not be a done deal. We are currently negotiating.

    2) The Thai government is now backing off of the statements that the suspect said he drugged JBR and that he picked her up from school.

    3) I heard an interview today with L Wood on Atlanta radio. He echoed what I said many times that there is evidence that we don't know about and that the DA and investigators in Boulder are very eager NOT to make a mistake. He said that they certainly did not just base the arrest on the oddball statements of the suspect in his on-camera antics.

    4) The reporter for Fox was reporting that what originally clued investigators into the fact that this guy wasn't a kook was a single word. I am not sure if he said it, wrote it in an email, or there was some other angle. But his investigation started with one word.

    I think it is very telling that the DA's office didn't come out and say "hold the phone folks, you are getting the cart before the horse here. This man is a person of interest just like those POI that still exist from previous aspects of this case. This man is being detained for questioning only". He was arrested and charged with some very specific charges after a long investigation of him.

    I will wait and see. If he is simply a kook, he has sealed this case. Even Mark Geragos could get John Ramsey off if evidence came to light proving he did it, just by using this guy as a red herring....even though it might be that he is proven to be a loon.

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