New Forum Launched - iCHAPEAU Association in Canada

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    Canada's iCHAPEAU Forums
    “Where parents share idea's together to help STOP Parental Child Abductions”

    Also visit our Facebook page and make sure to “LIKE” it so that you will be the first to know of new announcements:
    Canada’s iCHAPEAU Act on Facebook

    If there are any CANADIAN cases of National / International Parental Child Abductions, please come read our Welcome to iCHAPEAU Forum here:

    The iCHAPEAU Association will also track ALL INTERNATIONAL cases in the Forum here:

    Canadian cases that are vetted can be also featured in our campaign called:
    "Faces of Abducted Canadian Children"

    If the abducting parent is wanted by the RCMP on a Canada-wide warrant or Canada has issued and INTERPOL “Red Notice” is can be featured in our campaign called:
    “Wanted by Canada”

    Thank you for sharing this post!

    The iCHAPEAU Association – Parents working to STOP Parental Child Abductions
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