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Discussion in 'Websleuths Radio' started by Tricia, Mar 24, 2019.

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    Big thanks to Mike Boudet and the entire staff of Incongruity for this amazing opportunity. The quality of the stories and the research and work involved totally amazes me. It takes a knowledgeable and dedicated staff to put together a podcast the quality of Sword and Scale. I will do my very best to present each episode with the high standard expected by the listeners. While I will never be as good as Mike Boudet I hope to at least keep you listening and looking forward to the next episode of Sword and Scale.

    The episode I am hosting is now up. You can listen to (with ads) the Free Sword and Scale Right HERE!

    You can get the same episode narrated by Mike Boudet(no ads) on Patreon RIGHT HERE

    Thanks again for all your support.

    In the wake of Wondery’s announcement to cut ties with Sword and Scale, its creator and host Mike Boudet has decided to take a break from hosting the show and social media. The Sword and Scale podcast release schedule will continue as originally planned, with the original team continuing to produce the show, along with new host Tricia Griffith, veteran broadcaster and owner of the popular true-crime forum WebSleuths. During this break, Boudet will continue hosting a premium version of the regular show, Sword and Scale PLUS, and other exclusive content which will be available only for the show’s direct paying supporters on Patreon.

    Please Welcome Sword and Scale’s New Host
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    That's wonderful! I'll get my tea and needlepoint together and listen to the show. Thank you for the heads up!
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    Wonderful news!
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    I know I'm not really anyone and that you've since stopped being the host on S&S, but when you were I really was so incredibly disappointed. I know you had worked with him before, which was fine, but since that time Mike Boudet has become a demonstrably terrible person who is not respectful of victims. His podcast is torture porn and seems to go against the very ethics that Websleuths claims to hold dear.

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