New Questions In Savio Death

Discussion in 'Kathleen Savio' started by closeobserver, Aug 18, 2008.

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    I found some very interesting things in the police report that was obtained by a Tribune reporter. Some of the alarming things in this report:

    1. Kathy's fingernails had been clipped, but according to family, she always wore them long
    2. There was no residue in the bathtub that should be present if she drowned and the tub slowly drained.
    3. Kathy's hands were originally bagged to preserve evidence until authorities told investigators that there was no reason to believe there was foul play.
    4. There were no towels or clothes in the bathroom to indicate Kathy was taking a bath.
    5. The shampoo bottles on the small tub were undisturbed, which is highly unlikely in the event of a fall.
    6. Drew was left alone in the bathroom for a period of time before State Police arrived.
    7. There was some evidence, including papers strewn on the bed and a photo upside-down on the floor, indicating the possibility of a struggle.

    Also, this story indicatest that the Illinois State Police were present. I thought it was just the Bolingbrook Police. I'm wondering if having the Illinois State Police investigate now is a conflict of interest??? Perhaps, I am misinterpreting,0,7919543.story
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    Good point close. I hadn't picked up on the fact that ISP was there that night. From reading the article, it looks as though some of them started criminal procedure. BB did call the state police. Someone bagged her hands. But then it is like after ISP got there, the investigation stopped. From the article, it looks like Bob Deel is the one who stopped things. Guess he will be on the hot seat now. I wonder if he has testified in the GJ yet? And I wonder if he is involved in the current investigation?

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