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    Hey Everyone,

    Please check out the latest Websleuths Radio Podcast LIVE by clicking HERE

    We discussed the following:

    WEBSLEUTHS IS IN A CRISIS AT THE MOMENT. January was a terrible month for revenue. We have bills due on Monday and they can't be paid. ONLY IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO please donate using and the email I gave the wrong email in the video. So sorry.
    Or, for 5 dollars a month, you can join our Patreon at Our Patreon channel needs work and we will be adding extra content starting next week.

    Lori Vallow is finally arrested. I spoke with someone who knows Chad Daybell and reveals their thoughts on what Chad may do without Lori.

    We covered the horrible murder of Dr. Amie Harwick. Dr. Harwick was murdered by her stalker. Someone who had been stalking her for about 10 years. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE. We need a national stalker registry.
    I spoke about one of my stalkers (Yes I have more than one) but this one was so special because he was a FAMILY MEMBER. OMG.

    Finally, we said goodbye to the sweetest person. Our wonderful member Tulessa died yesterday. We have a thread for Tulessa going in the Jury Room. CLICK HERE

    We will be starting a daily 5 minute (or more) update on true crime cases on Websleuths. Watch this forum for more details and links.


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