GUILTY New Zealand - Philip Nisbet, 47, poisoned, suffocated, Christchurch, 4 May 2009

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    The son of New Zealand's 'Black widow' Helen Milner, has sued his mother for framing him, the year before she was charged with killing her husband.

    50-year-old Milner's husband had supposedly committed suicide in 2009, and she was living with her then partner Kasey Woodstock when she encouraged her partner to accuse her 23-year-old son, Adam Kearns, of sending abusive and threatening text messages in March 2010. She already had a protection order against him. Kearns was arrested and held in custody for 17 days, before police discovered the cell phone that the messages came from had been bought by Milner herself. And she'd sent the texts to herself and partner too.

    In 2011, Milner was finally charged with poisoning her husband Philip Nisbet's dinner with the drug Phenergan, and was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 17 years. Now that a Christchurch court has ordered her to pay $55,000 compensation to her son, he says he knows it may be difficult to collect the money but he doesn't care if he has to bankrupt her, or hire a debt collection agency. They are estranged.

    Milner is trying to appeal her murder conviction.
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