Newlyweds honeymoon behind bars

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    A Vallejo bride and groom who spent their wedding night in jail were released hours later, a Solano County Jail worker said Monday.

    Though hit with a Taser and arrested for the minor infractions of resisting arrest and public drunkenness early Sunday, the new husband, Taurice Williams, 30, could have spent more time behind bars, since he is on parole for carjacking, said Vallejo Police Department spokesman Rick Nichelman.
    Responding to a complaint of loud music late Saturday, police asked partygoers to move inside and quiet down, Nichelman said.

    "On our second trip out there, our officer warned the wife, a Ms. Smith, to take it inside," Nichelman said. "Smith says, 'you can't tell my husband what to do,' and there was a back and forth thing that went on. And then the husband came at the officer in an aggressive manner. He took a fighting stance; he refused to comply with requests to go inside, so the Taser was fired into his chest, and worked successfully."
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