Found Deceased NI - Noah Donohoe, 14, North Belfast, 21 June 2020

I think they shouldn't release details of the claims of someone who may be mentally ill - in my opinion only - until the claims have been investigated. The claims sounds like a delusion or fantasy to me.
This poor kid and his family. I think something happened to him very early on in his journey, and I think his actions stem from that, and I don't think all of these other things happened undetected.
In any case, his family deserves the truth.
Northern Ireland Assembly members call for police probe into Noah Donohoe 'confession' claim

A number of Northern Ireland Assembly members have called on police to investigate a claim of a "confession" in relation to the disappearance of Noah Donohoe.

From link:

He told his prison pal he had been in the north Belfast area with another individual on the afternoon of Sunday, June 21 - the day Noah went missing - to carry out a vigilante attack on a sex offender.

While driving close to the Northwood area, he spotted Noah, stopped the car and attacked him, it's claimed.

The inmate was said to have been "extremely distressed" when making the allegations.
I am just reading about this case, and I have a couple questions. The ME said there was no evidence on the body that Noah had been assaulted, but now I'm seeing that he had been. Is there evidence of the assault, other than the assertion of his mother and her attorney?

Also, there is an article that says PSNI received a report that Noah may have been assaulted. From whom was that report received? The article doesn't say.
I'd really like to see the autopsy here. I don't know about the investigation side of it, but the autopsy should show if there was an assault or not.
The information we're getting here seems totally backwards to me. Police and medical examiner's reports are not being reported but unsubstantiated "confessions" and rumors in the homeless community are. Just a different culture than we're used to I guess.
It seems like his journey was caught on several CCTV cameras, but I haven't seen any articles that indicate that he was being assaulted on any of the cameras. If he was assaulted, I want him to have justice, but it seems like this case may be just as it appears, a tragic accident.
Everything is very hush hush..

From following Noah’s case on Twitter his Mum has a great lawyer and they seem to be working very hard for Noah.

PSNI are very quiet regarding Noah. I assume they messed up the investigation from the beginning.

The details released have never added up and I hope Noah and his family get justice.

I'm suspicious of this confession. If it's true then we're still missing something because he says he spotted Noah riding naked on his bicycle. That information was released during the search for Noah so to me it doesn't prove anything. And if his statements are true, then 2 highly unlikely events befell Noah within a very short period of time (head injury + abduction/murder).
I'm going to go a bit beyond what I usually post and say that every reported element of this "confession" sounds exactly like some fantasy a delusional, violent pedophile would make up after hearing that a 14 year old boy was riding his bicycle around town naked and ended up dead. The kind of fantasy that could even be mistaken for a real memory by a mentally ill person if it was replayed enough during time in jail.
@evilwise I agree.
It doesn't make sense someone would attack a person who was both riding a bike and clearly in the middle of something unusual happening to them. You don't normally see a person without clothes out in public. You'd be shocked at first and freeze up, and then he'd be gone riding away. You also wouldn't want to risk a loud struggle out in public.

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